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Blue Eyed Soul Crooner
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MAKAIO is a 5 star-rated modern-day crooner known for his heartfelt, passionate delivery and personal, sensitive touch. As a professional crooner, his emotional and thoughtful renditions celebrate music from a variety of decades and genres. Crooner MAKAIO wants you to not only hear the music he sings but to feel it, too.

Please, call 321-431-3544 to discover how crooner MAKAIO can make your event spectacular!

A crooner is generally considered a male singer who sings sentimental songs. Often crooners will incorporate jazz standards and songs from the Great American Songbook. MAKAIO does this and more. More than a crooning jazz singer, a different kind of crooner, a crooner plus, MAKAIO croons songs from his heart to yours and
MAKAIO's song selection includes songs from a variety of genres including broadway, blue-eyed soul, folk, jazz, pop, rock and more and is perfect for everything from mellow and intimate gatherings, like dinner music and cocktail music, to larger party music and corporate events. MAKAIO's blue eyed soul entertainment is the perfect addition to any event.

Please, call 321-431-3544 to discover how crooner MAKAIO can bring your gathering that special touch!

A crooner who performs. MAKAIO is not only a professionally-trained vocalist but also a professionally trained actor who was performing with a Broadway touring company by the age of 7 and graduated from the British American Drama Academy master program where he was personally directed by Sir Benjamin Kingsley (Ghandhi, Schindler's List, et al).

Please, call 321-431-3544 to discover how crooner MAKAIO can help create a celebration to remember!

Full Band Sound - One Man Band Pric
Crooner MAKAIO is an honor's graduate in music performance and brings you a full-band sound at a one man band price. Crooner MAKAIO brings you full band sound with LIVE vocals and professional background music.

Perfect Choice for Any Occasion or Environment
Crooner MAKAIO's act is the perfect choice for virtually any occasion, event or environment. A great choice when you're looking for that special touch and a great fit for parties and events, casinos, resorts, hotel lobbies or lounges, corporate events, cocktail parties, social gatherings, special celebrations and more.

Call 321-431-3544 now to book crooner MAKAIO!

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