Is There a War Going On?

"Don't I get to cry?"

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"Is There a War Going On?" by MAKAIO

Is There a War Going On? by MAKAIO


I live my life like an ordinary guy

I move fast and I let the thing around me go by

Don't try to fix others, I just leave them alone

Besides I figure that I got enough to fix on my own

Don't have time to care about it

Don't have time to dwell upon it

I just heard some news that I thought might be true

So, I'm askin' of you? Is there a war goin on?

It's not that I don't feel compassionate

It's just that this world isn't quite how I'd fashion it

I'm not allowed to contribute to

I'm not allowed because I just have so much to do

I'm not tryin' to simply ignore it

I might even like to do somethin' for it

Trouble is that I'm not really that sure

Oh, how I wish that I were – Is there a war goin' on?

Don't I get to think about

Don't I get to stop it

Don't I get to vote upon it

Don't I get to cry?

Don't want to mean, but these things are so hazy

I'm not a marine or in the army or the navy

I have the knowledge of the common man

So, why do I feel like I'm not quite up on the plan

Guess it's fine, as long as I'm not in it

Guess it's fine, as long as we win it

Forget I asked, I'm not sure why I wanted to know

Mean if it's so, then it's so – there's probably a war goin' on

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