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(MUH-KAH-YO) is an original artist and event entertainer professionally-trained in virtually every musical style and a variety of instruments. He brings a wide variety of entertainment through:
Born into a musical family and ancestral heritage and raised a lover of music exposed to and given an appreciation for all musical styles, MAKAIO found it a challenge to settle on just one style of music to express himself. He found that the same song could be performed a variety of ways and in a variety of musical genres and still communicate its essence. He realized that musical style had more to do with personality, mood, a time in one's life and less to do with a steadfast choice of genre. Music is flexible and should be. Like a liquid it permeates our souls. So, rather than choose one style and forsake all others, he chose instead to embrace them all. MAKAIO is a journeyman and a sojourner of truth and adventure. MAKAIO composes and performs music for the soul-journer in you. His rhythmically rockin', catchy tunes swirl lyrically around what lies beneath, beyond the everyday. Reveling in the beauty within and reaching out for the "raison d'etre".

MAKAIO (Hawaiian for "Matthew") began his professional career in entertainment at the age of 3 performing in his first national television commercial for Cap'n Crunch cereal. By the age of 7 MAKAIO was performing with the National Broadway Touring Company of Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice's Evita under the direction of renowned director Harold Prince. From there, MAKAIO went on to win first in state in solo snare drum as a teen and functioned as percussion section leader for a variety of concert bands, orchestras, jazz bands, pit bands and more. During this time MAKAIO began his own songwriting with �Stimulus�, �How the World Shines Bright� and �Just Playin'�, to name a few.

As both an accomplished musician and actor, MAKAIO chose to study abroad after high school when he auditioned and was accepted into the highly selective British American Drama Academy (BADA) in Oxford, England and was chosen from within that select group to be one of just a handful of students to work personally with the esteemed Sir Benjamin Kingsley (Ghandhi, Schindler's List, Iron Man 3, etc.) who personally directed MAKAIO as Romeo in an excerpt of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet.

When he returned to the states, MAKAIO auditioned and was accepted into the highly selective and esteemed School of Music conservatory at DePaul University in Chicago, IL, USA. There his songwriting blossomed, as did his musical abilities, and he went on to graduate with Honors in Music Performance.

Today MAKAIO continues to experiment with and explore a variety of musical forms and theatrical experiences. In addition to music, he has written several plays and musicals including a dramatically staged theatrical production showcasing his own music to sold out performances at the IO Theater. MAKAIO has been influenced by bands of all genres and especially those with an experimental, "epic" or unique sound and those that implement the theatrical and orchestral into their music. MAKAIO is also greatly influenced by groups with outstanding drummers and those that incorporate a variety of rhythm-making as an integral part of the music. As a result, the music of MAKAIO is an eclectic mix of influences from all time.

We hope you, too, will experience and enjoy MAKAIO! MAKAIO would love to bring his musical performance to you! Please, contact MAKAIO for more information!

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